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Imagine having a dream and then seeing it come true. I can relate to Jesse in my book, A Jamerican Dream because it's a story of hope and never giving up. I always wanted to be a writer and didn't pursue it until six years ago. Now my dream is now realized. Hopefully, you will visit this site often. You might need to get away from the everyday doldrums  for just a moment. Visualize getting swept away on the island of Jamaica or visiting a sexy new club in Jersey..come along for the ride in A Jamerican Dream and Eklypse

My writing roots


I was always a creative person but didn't discover my passion for writing until ten years ago when I attended Lehman College. I have been writing ever since but didn't pursue it as a career until six years ago. The idea of writing a book came to me during a dream. I found my passion and haven't look back.

My style


My writing is simple and straight to the point.  No Purple Prose for me... I spend a lot of time developing the characters. You have to know your hero and heroine inside out for them to come to life. I want my readers to talk about my heroine Jesse as if she was real. I work hard to make my characters distinctive.

Why I write?


  • Why do I write? I write for you to get you out of the humdrum.
  • I write for you to experience passion, love, excitement, joy, and romance in one sitting.
  • I write for you to escape from reality if only for a moment. You inspire me every day to get up and paint words on paper like an artist does on canvas. 
  • Writing invokes passion and joy within me and before it, I was afraid to express myself. I feel worthy now that I can touch someone's life through my writing. Reading my books might motivate you and give you a reason to laugh and love too.
  • If you're living a stressful life or just need a little pick me up, it's great to escape with a good book. You might feel better about your life when you read about someone else's messed up life, or it can help you to want to live a better existence. It can also empower you to go after your "burning desire" because we all have it in us.
  • When I read a book, whether it's self-help, fiction, biography or mystery, I always get something out of it. That's why I write for you.

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone, hope you all have a fabulous day with your love ones. Please check out my new blog post on: https://www.karlenepitters.com/.

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February 2019, it's hard to believe we're in the 2nd month of the new year already.  I'm working to finish up another book that will be published later on during the year. Don't forget to check out my romance novels on my new website:https://www.karlenepitters.com/