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Summary of Book

Jesse Mendes was now living the American dream as a best-selling author and columnist of a popular woman’s magazine but sometimes the dream seemed far-fetched. A Jamerican Dream, depicts a young girl’s journey into adulthood and all the hardships she endured before coming to America. Jesse went through feelings of abandonment, and insecurities during most her youth. She helps raise her younger sisters and the only respite was through writing. She expressed her fears and emotions in her journals. Jesse saw herself living somewhere else away from that little town named Wait-A-Bit on the island of Jamaica. 

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I have a surprise for my loyal readers who purchase A Jamerican Dream, there's now an Extended Epilogue ready for download about Jesse and her family. Download your free copy today.

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I'm taking a trip to Jamaica soon and I'm very excited about. I'll keep you all posted...

Jesse and Family

Please download a free copy to read about what Jesse has been up to five years after A Jamerican Dream...

snapshot of Jesse's early years

Three Sisters


 Jesse has 2 younger sisters, Sandra and Louise, they drove her crazy with their antics in the story...

Burwood Beach


  Jesse visited the local beach with her family in Falmouth, the capital city in Trelawny..

Childhood Home


 Jesse lived in the small town of Wait-A-Bit, in the Parrish of Trelawny...

Favorite Cave


  Rumor Hall is a local cave where she and her friend, Gemma visited on one of her treks...

Beat Back Waterfall


  Jesse and her sisters loved to frolick around at Beat Back, the local waterfall...

Young Adult Jesse's life in america


New York City

She always dreamed about life in America and now she's finally here...

College Life

Jesse experience new things when the time came for her to go off to college...one of her big dreams.

Writer's Life Post College

Like many Jesse went through challenges before living the America Dream.

Excerpt from A Jamerican Dream:

You're  so beautiful," he says, gazing into my eyes. A flare of color spread over my face from his words and I glance away. It feels like he's looking into my soul.

"Thank you," I say feeling shy. My hand tingles when he holds it and we move to sit around the table. "Is your fiancee here with you too?" I ask, glancing over at his group.

"No, she's not here," he says, his brows drawn together. "I'm with my colleagues from work. Where's your man?" He asks changing the subject. "I thought you guys would be married by now."

My eyes cloud up when he mentions Ricky, and then I shake my head. "We broke up for good," I say feeling pathetic. He looks over at me in shock and reaches over to grasp my hand.

"What happened?" He asks sounding concerned.

"He got some other girl pregnant," I say sighing.

"I'm sorry he hurt you again Jesse," he says in sympathy. "He's a damn fool for letting a girl like you slip through his fingers again. I'm sure he's kicking himself right now. He knows that some other guy will be snapping you up."


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