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Excerpt of Eklypse:

"Come with me." He guided me over to the table and pulled out a chair. "I planned a feast for you. I hope you are hungry.

"Yes." My cheeks grew red. Our eyes locked and he reached for my hand.

"I hope you're not just talking about the food," he drawls with a devilish grin. "I'm hungry for more than food." He reached down to kiss my hand and it felt like my body was on fire. I squeezed my legs together because I was getting wetter by the minute. "Come closer." He reached over to touch my face and kissed me. I parted my lips and he slipped his tongue inside deepening the kiss. I moaned in the back of my throat. We kissed like two starving people, trying to quench each other's thirst. Then, he pulled away and reached out to touch my face. "You're irresistible. I can't get enough of you."

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Romance Books

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Erotic Romance Club Series:

  • Eklypse
  • Eklypse 2

Spin-off  Series of Eklypse 

  • No Ordinary  Girl 1  A Second Chance Romance (Winter 2019) 

New Adult Romance Series

  • Sweetest Encounter 1 ( Winter 2019)
  • Unwilling Romance 2 ( Spring 2019)

A Little Taste of No Ordinary Girl


I cannot believe what I’m seeing right now. The gorgeous babe who I hit on last night is sitting in my brother’s family room. She looks just as stunned to see me too.

“You two know one another?” Adriana head sways back and forth between us. “What’s going on here Mikos. How do you know my cousin Daisy?”

“You’re Adriana’s cousin?” I ask feeling blown away. “Oh my God. I am so sorry about last night. What are the odds?”

“I went to club Eklypse last night with Leticia and her co-workers.” Daisy the woman of my dreams tells Adriana.  “I met him there. Who are you exactly?”

“He’s my brother-in-law,” Adriana responds looking at me cross-eyed. I know that look; I will be getting an earful from my sister-law later. “Eklypse is our club.”

“Oh.” Daisy licks her luscious lips as she takes a peek over at me. “That explains it.”

Calm the fuck down Mikos. She’s freaking family not blood but close enough. Damn, what the fuck is wrong with me. Adriana’s cousin is a fucking bombshell. I am surprise we never met but she has an accent and doesn’t sound like she lives in New York.

“Did he come on to you Daisy?” Adriana asks folding her arms across her bosom. 

“You’re incredible Mikos!”

“I didn’t know she was your cousin.” I protest and stretch my hand towards Daisy. “I’m sorry. Let me introduce myself properly this time. I’m Mikos, Bruno’s younger brother. It’s great to meet you.”

She presses her lips together and glances at me with her killer gaze. Then, an amazing smile spread across her gorgeous face and she takes my hand. It’s so soft and electrical current runs up my arm from our touch. Daisy is going to be trouble, I can feel it.

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A peek at the girl who caught his eye...she's No Ordinary Girl. I can't wait for you to read about Daisy and Mikos...Bruno from Eklypse younger brother, he's also Dani former beau in Eklypse 2. 

Latest Book Information

Daisy is the new girl in town in No Ordinary Girl-spin-off series of Eklypse... there's also a sexy hero that many of you might be familiar with if you read the other 2 books. If you didn't why don't you pick up a copy and discover who I'm talking about. The spin-off is a second chance at love and a little tamer than the first 2 books.

Why Romance?

Why do you read romance novels?

  • Romance is missing from your relationship and you love to read about others..
  • Escapism, real life can be so hum-drum..
  • You need to put some steam in your own love-life
  • You can manifest your own sexy man...or woman


Excerpt from Eklypse 2:

I flew outside to the black stretch limo, and the chauffeur threw open the door for me. Happiness coursed through me and a large smile spread across my face. I crouched inside the rear of the limousine to see a grinning Jake. He looked so luscious, and my panty creamed up. Damn, I want to get laid.

"Welcome, beautiful." He reached out to smack me on my lips. "You look incredible in that outfit.

I beamed and scurried over to sit down near him. It was roasting outside, and I'd put on a pink knit top and tiny jean shorts. "This old thing. I wanted to be comfortable."

He drew me nearer to him and came down to give me a passionate kiss. Now that's what I'm talking about. "I couldn't wait to do this."

"I'm happy you did." I was feeling delighted. "I thought something was wrong with me. You've been holding me at arm's length for weeks now."

He looked over at me, a frown marring his temples. "Daniella, I want you too. I have been trying my best not to jump your bones. You're making me crazy girl."

I shrugged my shoulders, feeling satisfied by his confession. A girl needed action. "I know you like me, but wasn't certain. Not with the little pecks on the cheeks I've been getting."

The limo was just entering the Garden State Parkway heading towards Atlantic City. "Get over here, sexy." He reached out and plucked me onto his lap. "Feel what you do."

OMG. He was supporting a hard-on. "Oh," I said biting my lips and gazed into his intense look. My slickness was flooding my undies.

"So, show me how you choose to enjoy the two-hour drive to AC," he murmured in my ear. His warm breath made me quiver, and I glanced over at him feeling bad.

I shifted my full body around and straddle his thigh. "How about a sample of what's coming, hotness?" I moved back and forth over his erection.

"You're a wicked girl."

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What Do I Write Romance?

  • As a teen I was introduce to Harlequin Romance by my older sister
  • Reading the books I became hooked and start shelling out money every week on new titles
  • It made me feel good reading about a someone else's life and hoping for the same thing one day
  • I got caught up in the fantasy and wanted more...
  • My romance novels have a modern spin and are different than Harlequin...more sexy scenes
  • My favorite romance books are the Erotic and New Adult genres..I can relate
  • I write multi-cultural romances and that didn't exist back when I used to read Harlequin romances