Jamaican food, places, and scenery

Jamerican Dream Recipes


Curry Goat

I feel like making it for dinner today. You can sample in it too in your own home by downloading the recipe in the Jamerican Dream Snippets section.

Island Hot Spots


The Blue Lagoon region

Jamaica is an island of many treasures and the Blue Lagoon is a place to experience. Next you visit take a tour and you'll be glad you did...

Off the Beaten Path


There are many places like this lining the streets... so get out if you can and enjoy a nice sip of cool coconut water with a splash of rum...

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Latest News


 If you haven't downloaded or purchase a print copy of A Jamerican Dream, please do and then you can download a free copy of A Jamerican Dream-Family Life to find out what Jesse is up to after the story ends.

Island Cures


The cool weather is upon us and it's time to build up your immune system by sipping on Cerasee Tea. Despite it's bitter taste it can help prevent colds and flu along with other ailments. 

Everything is not jerk chicken or beef patty

Other Jamaican Food


Wray & Nephew over-proof rum is another great drink to warm you up during the cold weather or just a nice addition to  your punch...

Did you Know?


 In 1688 Jamaica was the first British colonial territory to establish a postal service. 

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Check out the latest video, hidded gems of Montego Bay....